Monday, January 31, 2011

The Best Alley Burgers in the West!

Calgary's best kept secret was let out of the bag when CBC did a brief expose on Charcut's Alley Burgers this weekend. Fans of this hip restaurant will line up in a dark alley in downtown Calgary to taste these delicious, freshly made burgers-no frozen patties at this place! Fans on Charcut's facebook page are notified of the date and time they will be sold and get in line an hour beforehand - with no thoughts of the freezing cold and snow! And it is well worth the wait if you can get your mittens on one!

Click Here to see photos of cbc's expose for more information on this fabulous place!

Some of my favourite menu items include the shaved pig's head mortadella, the 90z+ share burger (you need to share it for a reason), and a great side is the duck fat poutine. Bring a hefty appetite, you will leave full!

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